200 Years/200 Questions Contest

In 2008-2009, to celebrate the Mount's bicentennial, our department held a university-wide math contest. Each week throughout the school-year we posted seven new problems, ranging from the easy, "What math word can be split into two words that might describe a man after a long day at the beach?" to the more mathematical, "How many integers between 1 and 10,000 contain the number 3?" Problems were designed to be fun and solvable, at least in principle, by non-math majors. People from all parts of the university participated - students, faculty, staff, administrators, and seminarians.

Here is an archive of all the questions.

Questions came from all sorts of places. Many were contributed by members of the math and computer science department. A few were contributed by other professors and students. A lot of the questions came from old puzzle books and other puzzle contests. Some of the questions I just made up off the top of my head. It's hard to pinpoint the original source of some of the questions as they are quite old and have been passed around for years. Therefore, the following list is necessarily incomplete.

My favorite sources are:

Other mathematical competitions: Other sources: